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DWI & Substance Abuse Services

            Substance Abuse Services 

                   S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc. 
         provides the following substance abuse services

 * DWI Assessments and Treatment Services
 * Substance Abuse Assessments & Screenings
 * Individual, Group, & Family Therapy
(mental Health & Substance abuse)
 * Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program
 * Drug and Alcohol test (instant drug screens & labs)

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               Driving While Impaired
     DWI is a substance abuse 
     assessment, education, and 
     treatment service provided for 
     individuals that are cited for 
     operating a vehicle under the 
     influence of drugs and/or 
     All Assessments are $100
    20hr Treatment............$350.00
    40hr Treatment............$600.00
    60hr Treatment............$750.00
    90hr Treatment..........$1,000.00
 *Prices above apply to all Treatment paid in full  prior to treatment services. Treatment/classes are billed per hour unless otherwise noted (i.e. 20hr, 40hr, 90hr) *

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday  
 from 9am-11am and from 6pm-8pm

      For Additional Information
                  Please Call 

          Substance Abuse    

Substance Abuse Counseling is a treatment approach delivered in an  individual, group, and family setting. It is a 12 step recovery based treatment approach used to educate people about the disease of addiction and substance abuse. Substance Abuse Counseling teaches relapse prevention and encourages healing. It is a strength based treatment approach used to develop skills necessary for healthy living, daily.


             First Responder  
    Emergency Crisis Response

S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.  provides “first responder” crisis response. A 24/7/365 on-call service which provides qualified professionals to respond to Adults, Children Adolescents and families in need of emergency crisis intervention after business hours. Twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week staff is available for emergency services. Just Call 704-603-8285.

S&H provides each consumer with a Clinical Comprehensive assessment that captures each individuals biological health history, psychological health history and social history.
determine the area of
strength and need for ongoing support in
one's life.


S&H Youth and Adult Services
Substance Abuse Intensive Out-patient Program designed to help substance abusers and addicts obtain and maintain sobriety/ abstinence. This behavioral treatment consist of, but not limited to the following:

1.Individual & Group Counseling and support;
Family counseling, training and support;
3. Biochemical assays to identify recent drug use (e.g. urine drug screens);
Strategies for relapse prevention to include community and social support systems in treatment;
Life skills
Crisis contingency planning;
Disease Management;

S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.
Your Place of Security & Hope


         Drug Test/Urinalysis
S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc provides Breathalyzer test and instant drug screens that receive lab testing as well through Calloway Labs. For Instant Drug Screens and Assessments Call S&H Youth and Adult Services Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services

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DWI & Substance Abuse Services

S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.

Coaching, Counseling, & Consulting

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