S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.
We are a community based organization committed to helping families, building community resources, developing supports, and improving relationships. Live, Laugh, Love ....
Your place of Security and Hope!

    S&H Youth and Adult Services, 
    Inc. coaches, counsels, and 
    consults to improve the lives 
    of people and the community. 

    S&H Youth and Adult Services, 
    Inc. is your place of security and


S&H Youth and Adult
Services, Inc. is your
place of security and hope.
Recognized as the leader in
the provision of community
based treatment services.
Coaching, counseling, &
consulting we shall design and
execute community strength,
unity, and health.


Our values are the accepted principles and standards by which we operate. They are the core beliefs that make us successful. They are the qualities of life that help us complete our mission and see our vision. The S&H value is P.E.A.C.E
  E ducated
  A ccomplished
  C aring
Professional educated accomplished caring employees demonstrate competency, accountability, diversity, and ethical practice; our core values.

P.E.A.C.E delivers a sense of optimism and sincerity to those we serve and provides each individual a place of security and hope.

S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.

Coaching, Counseling, & Consulting

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