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                                          Therapeutic Family Services
S&H provides Therapeutic Family Services, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. These services include foster care, case management, family type residential placement, counseling, education, parenting skills training, life skills training, financial planning, and vocational skill training and assistance for child and family enrichment.

We Specialize in Addictions and Abuse Reactive/ Anti Social Behavior

    Become a Foster Parent! 
Give and Receive! Open your heart and your home. We are inviting every family that has enough room in their hearts to love another child, to become a foster parent.
You will be rewarded!
Each couple or individual interested in becoming
 foster parent must complete pre-service training and in-service training. Upon completion of pre-service training the home will be licensed and then a child may be placed in the home. First you must apply!

How to become a S&H Foster Parent
  1. Complete and submit a foster parent application and interview.
  2. Complete foster care pre-service training curriculum and licensing information 
  3. Complete Home assessment and receive license.

Strengthening Families
& Empowering the

Do You Need Foster Care?
S&H provides therapeutic family services which includes family type residential placement for children that may
have cognitive or behavioral problems, developmental delays, and aggressive behaviors. The youth that are placed in foster care may have impairments in their ability to function within their own families, school or community. S&H is committed to serving each child and their family with P.E.A.C.E. providing each child and family team with the skills needed for reunification or independent living. If you want to refer a child for services click on the link Referrals.

Foster Care Admissions Requirements
  1. Must meet medical necessity or be in the custody of the local county Department of Social Services.
  2. Parent or guardian must  complete the admissions  application and acceptance  packet to request services 
    and consent to the  provision of service.
  3. Complete a trial placement.

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Coaching, Counseling, & Consulting

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